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2018/05/21 » 2018/05/22
Project Risk Management - 21 & 22 May 2018

2018/05/30 » 2018/05/31
Integrating Strategy, Governance and Risk 30 & 31 May 2018

2018/06/06 » 2018/06/07
Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) 6&7 June 2018

2018/06/13 » 2018/06/14
Business Continuity Management 13&14 June 2018

Suggested Reading
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"Enterprise Risk Management: Identifying Risks in B2B E-commerce Relationships".
Arnold, Vicky 2005. Published by Inst of Internal Auditors Inc. ISBN 0894135546

This book contains the results of a research survey conducted in the US on supply chain and business partnering risk and on risk assessment in order to document these B2B (business to business) related risks.

Review: the most value to be gained from the book are the guidelines on likely B2B e-commerce risks. The risk assessment methodology applied is much the same as that already applied by many organizations in performing ERM risk assessments. The process and methodology explained and applied by the author can be applied to the South African context especially where the business environment is technologically advanced, ie where organizations no longer function individually but are now functioning as a critical cog in the integrated macine of the e-commerce value chain. Attached as an appendix to the book is the questionnaire used in the survey ; these questions could be useful when compiling your own questionnaire for risk assessment. Prepared by Dorothy Knoetze, IIASA.

"A New Language of Risk - a foundation for enterprise-wide risk management"
Briers Steven 2002. Published by Unisa Press, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa. ISBN 1-86888-209-8

This book offers a solution to the problem of fragmentation in the application of corporate risk management processes. A consistent methodology for the implementation of an enterprise-wide risk management process is also provided.

"Harnessing the unicorn - How to create opportunity and manage risk"
O'Reilly P. 1998. Published by Gower, Aldershot, UK. ISBN 0-566-07974-7

"Risk Management : Managing Enterprise Risks 3rd Ed"
Valsamakis A, Vivian R, du Toit G 2004. Published by Butterworth/Heinemann South Africa. ISBN 0796210349.

"Judgement under uncertainty : Heuristics and biases"
Kahneman D., Slovic P. & Tversky A. (eds.) 1986. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

"Integrating Corporate Risk Management"
Shimpi P published by Texere, New York 2001 ISBN 1-58799-061X

"Risk Analysis - A Quantitative Guide" (second edition)
Vose D. 2000. Published by J Wiley, Chichester UK. ISBN 0471-99765-X


"Operational Risk Management – the practical application of a qualitative approach”
Young, Dr Jackie, 2005. Published by Van Shaik.ISBN 0627026222

The book aims to serve as a practical guide for operational risk practitioners and students in understanding the development and implementation of a practical operational risk management framework.

"Operational Risk: Practical Approaches to Implementation"
Davis E. L. March 2005 ISBN 1 904339 468.

Highly practical focus explains operational risk regulatory matters and specifically aids you with the practical implementation of an operational risk programme in your organisation.

"Operational risk modelling & analysis: theory and practice"
Cruz M. July 2004 ISBN 1904 339 344

This new multi-contributor title will guide you with the identification, modelling, implementation, analysis and integration of operational risk into your overall risk management framework.


"Managing Risk - Methods for software systems development"
Hall E. M. 1998. Published by Addison Wesley Longman, Reading MA, USA. ISBN 0-201-25592-8


"Project Risk Management : Processes, Techniques and Insights" (second edition)
Chapman C. B. & Ward S. C. 2003. Published by J Wiley, Chichester, UK. ISBN 0-470-85355-7

"Practical Risk Assessment for Project Management"
Grey S. 1995. Published by J Wiley, Chichester, UK. ISBN 0471-93978-X

"Effective opportunity management for projects: exploiting positive risk"
Hillson DA Published by Marcel Dekker, New York. 2003. ISBN 0-8247-4808-5

"Risk and Decision Analysis in Projects" (second edition)
Schuyler J. 2001. Published by Project Management Institute, Philadelphia, US. ISBN 1-880410-28-1

"Estimation and evaluation of uncertainty - a minimalist first-pass approach"
Chapman C. B. & Ward S. C. 2000. Int J Project Management, Volume 18 Number 6, pages 369-383

"Towards a Risk Maturity Model"
Hillson D. A. 1997. Int J Project & Business Risk Mgt, Volume 1 Issue 1, pages 35-45

"Using the risk register to integrate risk management in project definition"
Williams T. M. 1994. Int J Project Management, Volume 12, pages 17-22


"People Risks - a people based strategy for business success"
Pike, Andrew, 2001. Published by Penguin Books, South Africa. ISBN 0-141-00556-4.

Offers a proactive approach to people management and looks beyond traditional human resources management to the true relationship between business prosperity and the well-being of its people.


"Country and Political risk: practical insights for global finance"
Wilkin S. Dec 2004. ISBN 1 904339 31X

Provides a fully comprehensive overview of the factors affecting global investment, including practical insights and research on assessing country risk, in-depth analysis of country risk cases and advice on how to manage a country risk portfolio.

"Climate Risk and the Weather Market: Financial Risk Management with Weather Hedges"
Dischel R.S. July 2002. ISBN 1 899332 529.

Introduces the non-specialist reader to the essentials of weather risk transfer including the market, instruments and insurance and derivative strategies currently employed by those in the industry regarding weather and climate forecasting, climate variability and data cleaning and enhancement


"Resilience to Risk – Business Success in Turbulent Times"
Cleary, Sean – 2006 – Published by Human & Rousseau (Pty) Ltd ISBN 9780798146203

In an interconnected world, characterized by accelerating change and increasing complexity, successful risk management is a primary ingredient for survival and success.

"Against the Gods - the remarkable story of risk"
Bernstein P. L. 1996. Published by J Wiley, New York, US. ISBN 0-471-12104-5

"Seeing tomorrow - Rewriting the Rules of Risk"
Dembo R S & Freeman A Published by J Wiley, Chichester, UK 1998 ISBN0-471-24736-7

"Understanding and managing risk attitude"
Hillson D. A. & Murray-Webster R. 2005. Published by Gower, Aldershot, UK. ISBN 0-566-08627-1

"Risk : Improving government's capability to handle risk and uncertainty"
HM Government Cabinet Office Strategy Unit. 2002. Report ref 254205/1102/D16, Crown copyright 2002.

"Risk-taking behaviour"
Yates J. F. (ed) 1992. Published by J Wiley, Chichester, UK. ISBN 0-471-92250-1

"What is risk? Towards a common definition"
Hillson D. A. 2002. InfoRM, journal of the UK Institute of Risk Management, April 2002, pages 11-12


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