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2020/09/30 » 2020/10/02
IRMSA Digital Annual Conference 2020 - 30 Sept to 02 Oct

CRM Prof Board Exam 2 - 14 October 2020

2020/10/15 » 2020/10/16
2020 Business Continuity Management - Online Training - 15 & 16 October

2020 Risk Framework Online Training - 20 October

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I am about to submit an application for membership or update my online record. By doing so, I agree to the following:

a) Please email your completed application form and/or all supporting documentation to: 
b) All certificates/credentials emailed must be clear, certified original copies, date stamped not older than 3 months.
c) NON-SA Residents must provide proof of residential address in order to confirm whether VAT should be incorporated on their invoice.
d) A non-refundable application fee of R265.00 (ex VAT) applies to Individual Applications and R400 (ex VAT) for Associate and Fellow levels.
e) It is important to note that both the application fee/reactivation fee and membership fee payable by first time applicants/reactivation of membership is deemed non-refundable.
f) Membership fees are renewable annually. The membership year runs from 1 March to the last day of February. Applications approved from 1 September pay half the full membership fee for that year.
g) All Applications for Membership will be presented to the Membership Committee and a recommendation presented to the Executive Committee (EXCO) for final approval. The final decision is at the discretion of the Executive Committee. 
h) It takes approximately 30 days for Membership Applications to be processed.
i) Upon receipt of the completed manual or online application form, an email will be sent confirming receipt of such. The application will then be sent to the Membership Committee for review and a recommendation will be made to EXCO for final approval. Thereafter feedback will be sent to you regarding your application. An invoice will be sent once the application has been processed and approved. Provided proof of payment has been emailed to or, you will be emailed your Membership Certificate and Acceptance letter accordingly. 
j) Should your application be successful, and your membership invoice is not settled within two months, you will be changed to a non-member in the system and will be required to start the entire application process again.
k) Please note further information may be requested to accurately determine the level of membership.
l) Individual and Associate Members who become eligible for reassessment of membership status on the grounds of additional experience gained, improved academic status or contributions to the activities of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa should re-apply to the Institute. Full registration fees will be payable.
m) An Associate Member of IRMSA may use the designation RMA-IRMSA after his/her name. A Certified Risk Management Practitioner may use CRM Prac-IRMSA, a Certified Risk Management Professional may use CRM Prof-IRMSA and a Fellow Member may use the designation RMF-IRMSA after his/her name. Please note use of the IRMSA logo is reserved for use by Corporate Members only and not Individual Members including Ordinary Individual members, Associate, CRM Practitioner, CRM Professional and Fellow Members.
n) IRMSA Code of Ethics - By completing your online or manual membership application, you will have deemed to have read, understood and will abide by this code. IRMSA may refuse membership to an applicant if it is found that they have submitted any fraudulent documentation to the Institute or other authority confirming their membership, qualification or other such documentation without limitation thereof. Refer to the IRMSA website for the full document: IRMSA Code of Ethics policy. 
o) Cancellation Policy - Membership fees are renewable annually. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure membership fees are paid timeously. • New Applicants - Should your application be successful, and your membership invoice is not settled within two months, you will be made a non-member in the system and will be required to start the entire application process again. • Existing Members – Should you wish to cancel your membership with IRMSA, a written cancellation is required to be sent to It is important to note that any outstanding membership fees need to be settled before cancellation can be accepted. • Non-SA Residents - Please note that your membership is renewable on an annual basis with renewal notices sent to members in February/March each year. Should you fail to renew your membership with IRMSA, or provide written cancellation thereof, the Department of Home Affairs will be notified accordingly.
p) Privacy Policy - By being a member of IRMSA, you allow your details to be used to correspond with you. IRMSA respects member’s privacy as outlined in the IRMSA Privacy Policy. Refer to the IRMSA website for the full document: IRMSA Privacy Policy.

q) Changes to IRMSA Membership Terms and Conditions - IRMSA may update/change the membership terms and conditions at any time. Any change to this document will be displayed on the IRMSA website. If you use the IRMSA website or any of the services or facilities offered by the Institute after IRMSA has displayed a change to this document, you will be deemed to have agreed to the change/s.


IRMSA holds your personal data on its computer database and will send you information on IRMSA events and services. IRMSA will also send you information from other institutes and professional bodies. I accept that IRMSA will communicate with me via several means including e-mail.

I hereby certify that the information submitted via this portal and any attachments is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate.

I agree to abide by the rulings of the Executive Committee in all matters pertaining to the Institute.

I agree to abide by the IRMSA Constitution, the IRMSA Code of Ethics (download via link below), IRMSA Terms and Conditions listed below, as well as policies and procedures of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA).


Download the Code of Ethics and Terms and Conditions via the links below

IRMSA Code of Ethics

IRMSA Terms and Conditions

By completing your online membership application and/or updating your online profile, you will have deemed to have read and abide by this code and the terms and conditions of the Institute.

Select your member type below and continue with your online application.




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