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2020/09/30 » 2020/10/02
IRMSA Digital Annual Conference 2020 - 30 Sept to 02 Oct

CRM Prof Board Exam 2 - 14 October 2020

2020/10/15 » 2020/10/16
2020 Business Continuity Management - Online Training - 15 & 16 October

2020 Risk Framework Online Training - 20 October

IRMSA Board Exam 2 - FAQ's
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A.     What do I need to do to write the Board Exam?

  • Before you register for the Board Exam, ensure that you meet the membership criteria of Associate Member.
  • If you meet the criteria and you are not an Associate Member of IRMSA, then you will need to apply for Associate Membership in order to write the Board Exam. 
  • In the meantime, click on the link provided in the Board Exam email or go to the Board Exam page on the IRMSA website and register online for the Board Exam. 
  • Complete all the information properly in order for the IRMSA team to be able to accurately assess your registration or it could be declined.

B.     To become an Associate Member, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Have no qualification (Matric) + 15 years risk management experience
  2. Have any non-risk qualification + 10 years risk management experience
  3. Have NQF 8 Risk Qualification + 5 years risk management experience
  4. The IRMSA Occupational (Organisational Risk Practitioner) qualification + 3 years risk management experience

C.     How does one apply for the Board Exam?

  • All applications are to be completed online on the IRMSA website, Professionalisation – IRMSA Board Exam 2.

D.     What are the fees involved in order to write the Board Exam?

  • A non-refundable Application fee of R500 ex VAT.
    • All candidates will receive an invoice after they complete the online application for the Board Exam.
    • This payment is due immediately. The amount due as reflected on the invoice is payable immediately.
    • Applications will not be processed until proof of payment has been received.
  • A Registration fee of R3950 ex VAT is applicable.
    • Should candidates meet the criteria and are accepted to write the Board Exam, the Registration fee invoice will be emailed to candidates.
    • Candidates are required to make payment for the Board Exam Registration fee on or before the specified deadline date.
    • The Board Exam fee includes the study material, preparation workshop(s), the exam and use of the exam equipment (as the exam is online)All fees are to be paid on or before the stipulated due date(s). 

E.     What is the study material?

  • The study material is made up of relevant sources that align to the IRMSA qualification (Organisational Risk Officer) curriculum. 
  • The sources are made up of relevant case studies, regulatory documents, relevant standard and appropriate documents. 
  • The source material is made available to the Board Exam candidates online, on the IRMSA Your Membership system.

F.      Are there any workshop(s) before the exam?

  • There are workshop(s) before the exam to assist candidates in preparing for the Board Exam.
  • The workshop (s) assists candidates with the actual exam format, structure, content and endeavours to assist with any difficulties that candidates may be facing.

G.     How is the exam structured?

  • The examination is out of 100 marks. 
  • 70% is multiple choice questions and 30% is opened ended questions. Candidates are required to obtain 50% in both sections, as well as an overall 70% in order to pass. 
  • The exam is taken at an IRMSA venue at a set time and date. 
  • A laptop is provided for candidates. The exam is taken online. 
  • The work experience component is covered with a logbook, once candidates pass the Board Exam.

H.     Will the exam be offered only in Johannesburg?

  • IRMSA intends to offer the exam in Johannesburg.
  • IRMSA will communicate with candidates regarding the venue.

I.       If I complete the exam successfully will I automatically receive the designation “Certified Risk Management Professional” (CRM Prof)?

  • No. All successful Board Exam candidates will need to complete the work experience logbook that is signed off by the candidates’ supervisor at their workplace. This completed logbook is to be submitted to IRMSA.
  • Once the logbook is signed off and approved by the IRMSA Assessor, then the designation, which is registered with the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA), will be awarded to successful candidates.

J.      Will the exam only be offered in March and October this year?

  • No, the exam will be offered in October this year.  This exam will be offered once a year going forward.

K.      Does this mean I have completed the IRMSA Organisation Risk Practitioner qualification?

  • No, you have received the designation of Certified Risk Management Professional - CRM Prof. (Note points in I above)
  • In order to complete the qualification, you will need to register for the qualification (the Organisational Risk Practitioner, developed through the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations [QCTO]) once it is opened to the market later in 2017. This qualification will be offered by an accredited service provider.

L.      What happens if I register for the exam and I am unable to write?

  • You may defer to the next Board Exam sitting. This must be done at least 21 days before the date of the current exam that you are registered for. 
  • If you need to defer after the 21 day notice period, you will need a doctor's certificate if its medically related and your application will be reviewed by the committee. However, each case will be reviewed on its merit.
  • There is a fee of R500 ex VAT to defer the exam.

M.     Special Needs

 Should you have any special needs (e.g. wheelchair access, hearing or sight impairment), please inform IRMSA in writing at least 2 weeks before the date of the examination.

N.      Board Exam Results and Fees


  • Candidates who pass the Board Exam will retain their results and will need to submit their Work Experience Logbook to IRMSA in order to be approved and thereby receive the CRM Prof designation.
  • Candidates who do not pass the Board Exam will have up to two opportunities to write the Board Exam within a two year period.
  • Candidates will be informed of their results 2 months after writing the Board Exam.
  • All fees are to be paid to IRMSA before or on the stipulated due date(s) in order for processing of applications, providing access to the study material and other important Board Exam information.
  • Should a candidate fail the Board Exam, the candidate is eligible to re-write at the next scheduled Board Exam date.  The candidate will be liable to make a 50% payment of the Board Exam registration fee.
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