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2019/02/06 » 2019/02/07
Risk Framework - 6 & 7 February 2019

Risk Based Combined Assurance - 12 February 2019

Risk Based Decision for the Board - 19 February 2019

2019/02/21 » 2019/02/22
Integrating Strategy, Governance and Risk - 21 & 22 February 2019

IRMSA Partners
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CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd

CGF is a private company that specialises in professional services related with Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) related matters, catering for all industry sectors, no matter the size of the organisation.

Courses: Governance Courses

Cruywagen-IRMSA Risk Foundation

Dr. Cruywagen is the founding member and Chairman of the Cruywagen IRMSA Risk Foundation.  The  main objective of the Foundation  is to facilitate student internships for students of the USA and South Africa, on an exchange programme to both countries, to introduce top students to the discipline of Risk Management.  The Foundation aims to encourage, host, capture and publish “best in class” studies and seminar papers in the various disciplines of Risk.  It also strives to arrange, present and publicise studies into topical and relevant issues regarding the various disciplines of Risk through regular “Risk Laboratories”.



   Anti- Intimidation Ethical Practises Forum

The Anti-Intimidation and Ethical Practices Forum (AEPF) was created to assist professionals in certain fields who are being intimidated for exposing corruption in the workplace. 

They also provide advice to potential whistle-blowers in the governance, accounting, auditing, business, risk management and related fields on how to blow the whistle safely, responsibly and effectively. 

Click here to access the AEPF brochure for more information.




Foundation of European Risk Management Associations

In many countries across Europe and beyond, National Risk Management Associations are well established. Their members are risk and insurance professionals responsible for risk management in their organisation, whether in the public or private sector. FERMA provides the means of co-ordinating risk management and optimising the impact of these Associations outside of their national boundaries on a European level.



   Public Sector Audit Committee Forum  

In 2011 the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA), The Institute for Internal Auditors in South Africa (IIASA), the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), The Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA), National Treasury (NT), the Auditor-General South Africa (AGSA) and Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) embarked on a joint effort to constitute a Public Sector Audit Committee Forum (“PSACF” or “the Forum”) to facilitate guidance of and assistance to members of public sector audit committees.


The activities of the Forum have specific focus on the governance and accountability role and duties of public sector audit committee members


The activities of the Forum are funded by National Treasury and the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa act as secretariat for the PSACF.



  Institute of Internal Auditors  

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA Inc.) is the leading professional body representing the interests of internal auditors worldwide. It is the internationally recognised authority, principal educator and acknowledged leader in certification, research and technological guidance for the profession.

The Institute is creator and custodian of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditors, and the Code of Ethics to which all members must adhere. A global institute with headquarters in Florida, USA, the IIA Inc. has a network of affiliates serving members in more than 160 countries in the fields of internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, IT audit, education, security and management.



   Institute of Directors Southern Africa  

The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) supports business leaders and directors in reaching their full potential by ensuring they fully understand the latest governance practices and are empowered to discharge their duties effectively.

The IoDSA offers exclusive programmes to develop existing and aspiring directors through thought leadership and providing a platform for peer interaction. We are committed to fostering better directors, better boards and better business in SA.



  The Ethics Institute   

The Ethics Institute is a non-profit, public benefit organisation. It was incorporated in September 1999 and commenced operations in August 2000.

The Ethics Institute's vision is to build an ethically responsible society, by forming partnerships with the public and private sectors, and the professions. We serve as a resource through our thought leadership, research, training, support, assessments and certification activities.


   The Insurance Institute of South Africa  

The IISA is a professional membership institute for the South African Industry. Our vision is to help Create “World Class Skills for a World Class Industry” by promoting skills developments and professional conduct among members engaged in the insurance industry.






Institute for Futures Research




The Institute for Futures Research (IFR) started life in 1974 as the long-term arm of the Bureau for Economic Research at Stellenbosch University. In 1984, it was transformed into a stand-alone institute at the University, supported by industry, among others Rupert International. The IFR is the only research institute of its kind in Africa and supports companies by scanning the broad external environment to identify critical issues and emerging trends to help your organisation to pinpoint possible scenarios that could have an impact on your organisation’s future. The IFR’s primary objective is therefore to help the leaders of Africa to develop innovative, long-range decision-making competencies for competitive risk mitigation and opportunity sensing. 


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